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If you are: buying, selling, or importing a yacht or in a legal dispute over work carried out on a boat - check out our services and see how we could help to save you money!

Legal and agency services: 

Buying agent - we act as your agent for the sale or purchase of a boat 

 Whether you are buying a boat in the UK or importing a boat we can provide pre-purchase checks, ownership and provenance; maintenance history; VAT (where relevant); Inventory; liability in respect of Yard fees, storage & maintenance (prior to and following purchase); final contract terms and conditions. 
Full details of boat purchasing agency 

Negotiation:  Boat Legal surveys provide the purchaser with information to make an informed decision.  Where relevant, a survey report may be used to assist in the process of negotiating a reduced price for boat purchasers .

Need a pre purchase check but not a full boat survey? 
You might have a shortlist of possible boats and would like a professional eye cast over them to clarify certain points. We can arrange this to suit at a special hourly rate and will pass on a discount of 10% off any subsequent survey.

VAT and RCD compliance issues 
can be a major worry, especially when a vessel has been purchased (or manufactured) outside of the EU .

Legal disputes It is a fact of life that no two people will always agree on what is reasonable. When such situations arise in boat contract claims or marine claims the ongoing dispute is likely to be both costly and stressful. 

For examplea boat owner may claim that work carried out by a boatyard is substandard. The boatyard may disagree and place a lien on the boat until the full amount is paid. Legal threats may be issued and the dispute could escalate to costly litigation. In this situation, taking the matter to court is likely to be so costly that both sides will spend considerably more in terms of lost time and money, than the original amount of the claim justified. 

  • Ownership check:

  • Buying a boat with little knowledge of the previous ownership, beyond anecdotal statements like "...she was lying in a boatyard for several years when I bought her..." is obviously not ideal. Boats may also be one-offs; converted commercial vessels; part restored projects (ashore or afloat); modified production boats or any combination of these. Add to this a lack of paperwork or recorded history and the situation becomes more alarming. 

    It is therefore surprising how many boats are bought and sold on this basis. Depending on the age of the vessel, there could be outstanding VAT, or even another legal owner. Either way, it could prove a costly oversight! 

    The boat ownership and provenance check is provided either as part of our Buying Agency package, or as a stand alone service. Give us the particulars and we will provide a quote together, with details of the type of search we are able to provide.

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